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Francis Lee: General Manager, Internal Audit, Urban Renewal Authority

The journey to IRM certification has come at a significant time, the gateway to best global risk management practices is now open. Gaining substantial practical ERM experiences in my career along with becoming accredited by the IRM as a certified member via the Senior Executive Route has been a fulfilling journey. Not only will my past relevant experiences become endorsed, but in an era of uncertainty, I can participate in a global professional network which protecting the future and changing history for generations to come.
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How IRM qualifications can up-skill your staff - Veritau tells us more

The knowledge our staff have gained and the skills they have learned have enabled us to expand and improve our risk management service. We are able to offer assessable risk management support to a number of clients and are looking to grow our service further in future. A further benefit of this work has been to improve our profile with our clients, enabling us to gain key insights into the challenges and pressures they face and the strategic decisions they are making.
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Carla Knight: Risk Management Specialist, Exxaro Solutions

IRM qualifications are an excellent way to ensure that you stay relevant and on top of the ever so changing risk management field. It has taught me so many things especially in the areas where I do not see myself as an expert e.g. Insurance.
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