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Siobhan Crawford: Sector Risk Analyst, Crossrail

The IRM qualifications I have achieved to date have made me gain a better understanding of the background to risk management and reinforced to me just how important it is within any organisation. It has led me to challenge current ways of running things, and think a little differently to maintain the highest level of confidence to my key stakeholders in the way risk is managed within my portfolio.
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Amair Saleem, CFIRM: Director, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

The IRM certified route is ideal for senior executives who may not have gone through formal risk training but have achieved comparable or exceeding capabilities. Furthermore, the IRM SER provides a formalised assessment structure – the same as if you were going for an examination - so the outcome or result is qualified, verified and validated.
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Claire Darlington, GradIRM: Project Risk & Value Manager, Network Rail

It isn’t just about the letters after your name, but the resources, events and people that you are given access to. Many CPD events can be as dull as dishwater, but the IRM events I’ve been to have been engaging, thought-provoking and allow the breaking down of industry sector barriers as you listen to and see approaches from one area and how they can be applied to another. Also, it’s interesting to see that we all face similar people and process-related hurdles.
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