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If you are interested in getting involved in the IRM's work in Financial Services, you can join our ERM in Banking and Financial Services Special Interest Group.

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Alvin Lam, MIRM: Enterprise Risk Management Consultant, Aon

I would strongly recommend anyone with an interest in risk management to join IRM. Risk management is itself an evolving subject. And, by definition, a prudent risk manager should capitalise on the experiences (and mistakes!) of others. IRM is a good gateway to access the international risk community and to understand the latest risk management thoughts.
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Audrey Onsomu, IRMCert: Audit and Assurance Supervisor, PwC

My IRM Risk Management in Financial Services qualification is a treasure, I primarily work in financial services and having the opportunity to study risk and understand why it is so important especially in the financial services arena is one of the wisest investments I have made so far.
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Managing the risk of regulation: How Self-Regulation could reinvigorate the Cryptocurrency boom

Alexander Larsen, FIRM, President, Baldwin Global Risk Services Ltd & Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management Calls for regulation & the G20 Summit London: The cryptocurrency space has been fraught with cases of fraud and scams and with it being such a new industry with little in the way of regulation, it has been an ongoing focus of governments. This focus has only increased in recent months due to the number of high profile incidents, such as the theft of $500 million of digital money from the Coincheck Exchange.
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