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If you are interested in getting involved in the IRM's work in Financial Services, you can join our ERM in Banking and Financial Services Special Interest Group.

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Simona Fionda: Head of Operational Risk, Metro Bank

The IRM provides some good qualifications in risk management, and members are from a number of different backgrounds and industries, thus providing a great opportunity to network and speak to like-minded professionals. The IRM helps you expand your professional network both inside and outside of your industry and allows you to join relevant Special interest Groups (SIGs) that discuss specialised topics you might be interested in.
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Carol Ouko-Misiko: Group Risk and Compliance Manager, Britam

If you are currently in a risk management role or considering making this your career, I would strongly recommend you to consider joining the IRM. Whether you are drawn to quantitative risks or you are in qualitative risk disciplines like Business Continuity, Health and Safety or IT Security, you will still need to have a good understanding of how those products affect the business and business behavior.
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Adnan Abul Haija: Senior Risk Manager, Arab Orient Insurance Company

Holding the IRM qualification is very essential to all risk management professional, as current market and job opportunities require skilled and certified employees. Personally speaking, being an IRM member has helped me a lot and even though the job has its ups and downs like any other field it surely is something unique and I could see myself growing in this department.
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