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If you are interested in getting involved in the IRM's work in Financial Services, you can join our ERM in Banking and Financial Services Special Interest Group.

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Musa Potiskum, IRMCert: Chief Risk Officer, Jaiz Bank PLC | Nigeria

I would greatly encourage others interested in risk management to join and be affiliated with the IRM as it offers great value by conferring on its members the requisite knowledge and skills to contribute effectively as risk managers.
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Louise Brennan, Risk Higher Apprentice: Barclays UK Wholesale Credit

Risk management in financial services is a fast-growing area that has been receiving more and more interest regulators, organisations and the public, so it’s a great area to build up your skills and knowledge. The qualification gives you an opportunity to build that knowledge and understand the historical theories and events that have contributed to why we do things in the way that we do today.
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Maria Bautista, IRMCert: Risk Officer, S. A. Meacock & Co

I hope to further my career in risk management and I believe that having obtained the IRM Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management will help my career progression.
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