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Our industry partners

We work closely with our partners in industry to further the interests of the risk management profession. 

To become an industry partner and explore how we can help your organisation, please contact

4C Strategies

4C Strategies is one of the world’s leading providers of risk management solutions. Combining expertise with an innovative approach, our advisory services and software solutions help organisations to build, verify and track the Readiness capabilities they need to deliver on their strategic and operational objectives. Our ExonautTM software delivers a platform from which organisations can identify and assess risk, implement mitigation strategies, record validation activities, track real-time performance and respond dynamically to major incidents. The ExonautTM suite of integrated modules is supported by an enterprise-wide mobile app, which enables staff to log and access critical risk data, wherever they are in the world, to support risk- informed decision-making and performance optimisation.



Bayesian Network Software for Risk Analysis and Decision Making

AgenaRisk is a model design and execution environment for Bayesian Networks, designed for organisations that need to assess and manage risks in areas where there is little or no data, where direct measurement is not possible, and in the face of new, often novel, circumstances. Organisations use AgenaRisk to model a variety of problems including operational risk, actuarial analysis, intelligence analysis risk, systems safety and reliability, health risk, cyber-security risk and strategic financial planning. Models developed in AgenaRisk can be integrated into a wider service using AgenaRisk Developer and ultimately deployed using AgenaRisk Enterprise.


Alyne UK Ltd

ALYNE – is an industry leading and award-winning, Regulation Technology Software company – that makes it easy for organisations to reduce the cost – of managing risk and compliance obligations and is built by industry experts.

ALYNE – is a next generation, cloud solution that makes risk and compliance management as easy as browsing social media.

ALYNE – with its unique pre-built library of controls, integrated risks and assessment templates – mapped to regulations and standards, is ready to use out of the box – with dynamic reporting and real-time risk insights.

ALYNE’s – innovative approach – enables organisations to make the right executive decisions and outcomes – and to drive business advantage.



Arctick is a brand new enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management software solution, developed by the award winning, in-house Technologies team at Styles&Wood.

Developed with the user at the heart of the process, Arctick provides a 360° view of risk, allowing the organisation to look beyond data and use risk management as an operational tool to drive value.


Continuity 2

Empowering your resilience
C2 is an established Business Continuity software provider with a continuing commitment to its customers to evolve with the market. Our mission is to provide intuitive and innovative solutions for the global business resilience market and reshape the industry as we know it today. Our Business Continuity Software is used to alleviate and assist with the day to day management of an organisation’s Business Continuity Management System requirements.

We provide BCM software and practical solutions to some of the world’s largest utility companies, world leading finance and investment organisations, global telecom organisations and more.

Find out more:



Minimise risk by maximising the data that supports your most critical business decisions.

LexisNexis is a leading provider of aggregated global content and powerful business intelligence tools. Protect your organisation from the risk of heavy fines and damage to corporate reputation by accessing the information you need on people, companies and countries.

Our cost effective and flexible product modules include:

  • PEP, sanctions, watch list and negative news screening
  • Enhanced due diligence and reporting
  • Proactive supply-chain and third-party risk media monitoring
  • Outsourced due diligence, compliance and risk advisory
  • Content integration and data feeds (APIs) into proprietary systems



Magique Galileo

Magique Galileo provides exible and fully integrated web-based solutions for enterprise risk management, policy compliance, incident management, questionnaires, issue tracking and extensive reporting. Its web interface works with PC, laptop, iPad and other smart devices, enabling the whole organisation to participate in the risk management and assurance processes.


Origami Risk

Since 2014, Origami Risk is the only company that has been consistently recognised for delivering client success, innovation, and stability, while bringing new ideas and advanced features to the RMIS market. Origami Risk’s innovative software is designed with the latest technology and a focus on performance and ease-of-use, providing integrated solutions to the entire insurance value chain, serving Risk Managers, Brokers, TPAs and Carriers. It features powerful workflow, advanced reporting and analysis tools, and intuitive features to improve productivity and better manage total cost of risk—saving our clients time and money and enabling them to be more successful.

Learn more at



The Protecht Group is a leader in Enterprise Risk Management Software and Services that enables organisations to achieve their strategic objectives through efficient, effective and agile Risk Management. Protecht.ERM™, Protecht’s flagship product, has been deployed in a SaaS model since development commenced in 2002 and remains ahead of the curve on innovation and functionality.

Used by government agencies, regulators, commercial and not-for-profit organisations of all sizes and risk maturity, Protecht.ERM™ allows companies to seamlessly integrate risk management into their day-to-day activities and gain operating efficiencies through its flexible web-based forms, workflow engine and highly adaptable reports and dashboards.

Protecht is more than a software company, we guide you through your risk management journey.



RemitRix helps insurers manage financial and actuarial risks by harnessing the power of Machine Learning to improve actuarial predictions.

Our product RemitRix Agile is a web based financial risk management platform.

RemitRix Agile includes classical risk management tools such as ESG, VaR, Solvency II full solution, optimization tools and more. It is easy to deploy and manage. It is planned to fully integrate with our future actuarial solution.



riskHive are an established global provider of professional cloud, intranet and desktop solutions for the management and analysis of RAID (risks, issues, assumptions and dependencies). Being low maintenance, highly configurable and cloud based, the Enterprise Risk Manager application can get you online in under 24 hours, supporting your existing processes and terminology. Easily import existing risk information to quickly produce a consolidated risk portfolio. Relied on by customers ranging from New Zealand through the Middle East to Northern Europe riskHive deliver a truly global ERM solution with a truly enterprise ‘all-in’ licence.      +44 1275 545874



Symbiant are one of the world’s leading providers of Risk and Audit management software. The solution is designed for collaboration and comes as a complete suite which can be separated in to Audit or Risk sets. Symbiant is designed for non Risk / Audit specialists to use, simple and intuitive but with a lot of back end exibility and automated functions. CIO magazine have rated Symbiant as one of the top 20 risk solutions in the World. They have off the shelf or custom solutions to t all budgets and requirements. Install on your own infrastructure or SaaS. 30 day free trial.


Ventiv Technology

Ventiv Technology is the preeminent provider of global risk, insurance, and safety technology solutions. Working in partnership with our clients to understand their challenges and key business objectives, our solutions adapt to your precise needs and evolve with you. Providing a central platform to work across your company and functions to eliminate silos and help embed risk management. Delivered with Ventiv’s extensive risk management and technology experience to provide unsurpassed client value and operational excellence. Ventiv pride themselves on data security and have recently added another certification to their tool belt – ISO27018:2014; standard for protecting privacy in the cloud.



Xactium is a cloud based Risk Management software vendor that is changing the way regulated organisations evaluate and manage their risk. Our aim is to enable risk and compliance managers to transform the value of risk management within their organisation, through the use of modern, agile and collaborative software. Our risk management platform ensures that organisations such the FCA, Direct Line Group, HS2 and HomeServe can stay up to date and respond rapidly to both business and regulatory change.


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