Develop your career in risk management

The Professional Standards Framework is based around four career levels, rather than specific job roles or titles:

  • Leadership level
  • Senior level
  • Management level
  • Support level

Each level encompasses a number of different roles. The table below provides a summary of job roles and expectations at each career level. 

Review each of the functional areas of the standards which relate to your next career level. Assess whether you think your knowledge and skills in each area are sufficient. Do you need to improve your knowledge or develop your skills in any area?



Example job titles

Leadership level

Highest level of knowledge and application

Creates an organisation’s risk strategy and provides oversight of risk matters. Influences and informs the governing body and decision makers on risk management strategies. Influences the direction and profile of risk management and the profession.
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Director of Risk Management
  • Head of Risk Management
  • Director/Consultant
  • Partner/Consultant

Senior level

Advanced level of knowledge and application

Develops risk management policies and procedures. Contributes to organisational risk management strategies and oversees their implementation. Manages and advises on improvements to risk management practices and associated changes; liaises with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Risk Manager
  • Senior Risk
  • Consultant Senior
  • Risk Analyst
  • Head of Risk Management

Management level

Full knowledge of the concepts and application

Manages and advises on the implementation of risk management processes and procedures and champions its importance.
  • Risk Management Executive
  • Risk Management Officer
  • Risk Management Adviser
  • Risk Analyst

Support level

Basic or no knowledge or experience

Communicates the importance and benefits of risk management; supports the implementation of risk management processes and procedures.
  • Risk Management Assistant
  • Risk Management Officer
  • Risk Analyst