Declaration of Elected Directors

Due process for nominations of Directors for election to the Board of IRM is now complete. The closing date for nominations was 27th June 2022.

Three nominations were received and these are confirmed as valid, each applicant having met eligibility criteria and received the support of two eligible Voting Members of the IRM.

Since the number of nominated candidates is equal to the number of vacancies, the following Members are therefore declared elected unopposed:

Elected Director

Proposer 1

Proposer 2

Wesley Cadby

Paul Disley

Darren Mullan

Mark White

Ross Moore

Caitlin McGlone

Tony Chidwick

Socrates Coudounaris

Clive Thompson

Appointments will be confirmed and new terms are effective at the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 1st December 2022.

Ian Livsey
Chief Executive Officer