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Virtual Training Courses


With the recent global pandemic causing disruptions and uncertainty surrounding face-to-face training delivery, the IRM has been able to offer training courses online.

The IRM has been able to restructure some of the courses and introduce new courses during these trying times, as part of our efforts to successfully train future risk practitioners. 

Virtual Courses Include:

Fundamentals of Risk Management (FoRM)

Our flagship, FoRM training is now available live and online. FoRM is one of our most popular and practical courses that teaches you about Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) from a broad perspective. You will cover the entire process of a risk management framework, start-to-finish.

Course Dates

Date Duration CPD  Location Members Non-members Book Now

8-9 June 2020

2 Days 6 Hours Online £600*  £700* Book now »
22-23 June 2020 2 Days 6 Hours Online £600*  £700* Book now »

Risk in the Boardroom

This course gives you a practical overview of what board members and stakeholders need to know about managing business risk and how it is a key element of good corporate governance. It demonstrates the importance of risk management as a regular, strategically-focused activity – and not merely a compliance-driven add-on.

Course Dates

Date Duration CPD Location Members Non-members Book Now
22 June 2020 1 Day 4 Hours Virtual course £320* £390* Book now

NEW: Managing Third Party and Supply Chain Risk Management

Extending business activities beyond organisational boundaries to create value for the organisation is not new.  However, the quantity and complexity of the relationships that now exist beyond organisational boundaries is increasing, as is regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny. While partnerships with third parties, including critical suppliers, can be beneficial to the organisation on so many levels, such alliances can expose the organisation to many unknowns, and those unknowns will undoubtedly increase the level of risk. The key, then, is properly managing the infrastructure, systems, staff and outside support to adequately manage that risk.

Course Dates

Date Duration CPD Location Members Non-members Book Now
16-17 June 2020 2 Day 10 Hours Virtual course £600* £700* Book now »

* All courses taking place after 1st January 2018 will be run through IRM Trading Limited. Those taking place within the UK will also be subject to VAT. 


 For all enquiries please contact the training team on +44 (0)20 7709 9808 or at

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