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Supply Chain Risk Management

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Course Overview

Most organisations rely on partners and suppliers as essential and embedded elements of their own organisation. Third parties and supply chains for too long have been, and in many cases continue to be, overlooked as playing a significant role in an organisation's ultimate performance and outcomes.

Given the quantity and increasing complexity of the relationships that now exist beyond traditional organisational boundaries, combined with increased regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny, organisations face greater challenges in proactively managing their risks in our globalised world. While partnerships with third parties can be beneficial to an organisation on so many levels, such alliances and arrangements can expose an organisation to a wider range of unknowns many of which increase the level of risk, affecting the organisation’s risk profile and with the potential to adversely impact its reputation and long-term value.

How we manage the infrastructure, systems, staff and outside support needed to adequately manage these risks is key in strengthening our overall performance and levels of resilience.

Course Breakdown:

This workshop focuses on how this can be achieved. Workshop participants will learn supply chain/third-party risk management governance, analysis and process that can be applied across the organization at either an enterprise or a department level, within the business as usual and crisis situations. 

Who is the course for:

This course will be of benefit to risk managers, procurement managers, contract managers and business line managers who interact with third-party vendors and need to recognise the potential risks within the legal agreements and the services they provide, especially in situations where an entire business function is outsourced, multiple functions are consolidated to a single provider, the provider subcontracts and/or the provider works directly with the organisation’s customers. It is beneficial for: 

  • Procurement Professionals
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Ethics & Compliance Professionals
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Business Continuity Professionals
  • IT Security Professionals
  • Legal Professionals
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Professionals
  • Quality Assurance and Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Accountability Professionals
  • Individuals with third-party management, ownership, or oversight responsibilities.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Setting the context for third-party risk management including types of risks such as Cyber & Digital, Compliance & Regulatory, Financial Crime, alignment to third-party management and enterprise risk management
  • The challenges and pitfalls of managing third-party & supply chain risks - operational, strategic & cultural
  • Digitisation of Supply Chains - risk & opportunities
  • ESG and its impact on Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain / Third-Party Risk Framework Overview
  • Third-Party Risk Governance –   including strategic risk management and resilience, risk response options, operating models and monitoring & reporting
  • Assessing third-party risks and controls – process requirements, tools and techniques
  • Third-Party Risk Management and the Procurement Lifecycle – from onboarding to exit
  • Moving from risk to resilience
  • Managing third-party risk management information 

Course Dates

Date Duration CPD Location Members Non-members Book Now
9 May - 10 May 2023

2 Days

(1PM - 5PM) 

8 Hours Online - Zoom £600 +VAT £700 +VAT Book now »

 For all enquiries please get in touch with the training team on +44 (0)20 7709 9808 or at

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Note – Course Delivery, Duration and CPD

This course is delivered in LIVE and REAL-TIME public training sessions, with a cohort of peers. During these sessions, you will be able to connect and interact with your peers and the IRM expert trainer, in the medium of a virtual classroom. In addition, all training material will be provided, ensuring that the attendee can continue their learning journey, wherever they choose.