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Senior Risk Masterclass

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Course Overview

Are you happy with your organisation’s growth plans?

Would you be prepared to push a bit harder?

The Senior Masterclass focuses on using risk management to take more risk in a controlled way to gain competitive advantage.

The content will give you a grounding in risk appetite and tolerance, risk culture, strategic risk and control effectiveness. You will also gain a good understanding of Resilience, Agility and Sustainability and how they relate to the running of your organisation.

Over the course of the 3-day workshop, you will consider your strategic opportunities and their associated risks. You will weigh these options and risks against your existing resilience and agility. You will weigh up what additional capabilities and controls would be needed to pursue these opportunities in a measured and balanced way.

Learning objectives

  • Gain an understanding of how risk management can be used to achieve competitive advantage
  • Ability to identify how resilient and agile the organisation is in the face of constant change.
  • To develop an understanding of the risks associated with the organisation adapting to sustainability targets
  • Examine strategic risks and how they can impact your organisation
  • Learn tools and techniques to measure and monitor control effectiveness
  • Identify the short term “clear and present danger” risks; their medium term knock on effects and their long term existential challenges


Benefits of attending

  • Taking time out to think strategically about the risks you face
  • Access to a structured learning environment
  • Learning from Expert Practitioners and peers in Senior Leadership roles
  • Tackling risk dilemmas that organisations face by encouraging 'adult conversations'
  • An opportunity to benchmark your organisation against international standards and your peers


Who should take this course

  • Senior risk professionals
  • Business leaders (CEOs, heads of function, senior managers)
  • Assurance providers, e.g., internal and external auditors
  • Non-executive directors (particularly those with responsibility for audit and risk)
  • Professional advisors wishing to provide more expert support for their clients' market


Return of investment

Working with one of the IRM’s leading international practitioners you will have the opportunity to look at your organisations growth plans and access the extent to which there is more room to take managed risk and how to go about doing that.


Course agenda

Click here to download the full agenda in a printable format.


Day Morning Afternoon

The Opportunity

  • Blue sky thinking
  • Innovation
  • Limitations of common Strategic planning practices

The Risks around the Opportunity

  • Risk Management essentials
  • “Adult conversations” around sensitive risks and uncertainties
  • Positive Risk taking

The Internal risk Landscape

  • Control Effectiveness
  • Resilience
  • Agility

The External risk Landscape 

  • Sustainability Goals
  • Global, National & Local Influences
  • Scenario analysis & Stress Testing

Our Capacity to take Risk

  • Appetite
  • Resource capability
  • Assurance

Peer Review

  • Expert feedback and critique
  • Validation
  • Actions & Accountability Plan

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Date Location Members Non-members CPD Register now
 5-7 October 2021 IRM offices, London £2200 +VAT £2400 +VAT 21 Hours  Book Now


About the trainer

John Crawley



High-impact contributor with extensive experience in a range of disciplines including Finance, Risk Management, IT, HR, Strategy, Asset Management, Boardroom management and Business transformation, among others. Well respected professional with 13 years’ expertise in running as well as advising businesses in private and public sectors. Currently performing in the role of financial and risk advisor to a number of organisations and an expert trainer for the Institute of Risk Management globally.

An out-of-the-box thinker with a proven ability to devise wide-ranging solutions for resolving complex businesses issues including stakeholder disputes, risk management framework issues, financial restructing, etc.

Proven track record in creative a top-notice finance and risk management infrastructure that partners the organisation by providing decision support and reliable management information in a cost-effective and controlled environment.