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Risk Champions

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Course overview

As a core organisational capability, enterprise risk management (ERM) requires a devolved, systematic and consistent approach to identifying and managing all types of risk to realise business objectives and seize new opportunities. At the heart of this approach lie the decision-makers across the organisation whose perceptions of risk and behaviours will define the organisation’s risk culture and affect whether risk is managed within appetite. Given that Risk Champions are the human operational engine supporting ERM, it is vital that they have the knowledge, skills and tools required to implement risk management, understand its connection to other disciplines (e.g. resilience), deliver effective risk communication and influence decision-makers to enable their organisation to be successful risk takers.

This two-day course provides delegates with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and tools they require not only to support their respective areas or functions in implementing effective operational risk management and integrating risk management with disciplines including audit, compliance and resilience. It also positions them to become vital agents in improving risk-based thinking, supporting a positive risk culture and enabling their organisations to view risk as opportunity. The course does this by combining practical knowledge and application of risk management tools with a variety of techniques used to understand risk culture, employ the power of persuasion and master communication and negotiation strategies to influence stakeholders. 

Course Dates

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Who should take this course

This practical course is beneficial both for those who have formal risk, compliance and governance responsibilities in their organisations as well as to departmental heads and operational managers who are tasked with managing risk and setting risk culture for their respective department, function or unit.

Specific job titles include:

  • Risk Champions
  • Risk Analysts
  • Risk Managers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Heads of Department
  • Operations Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Business Continuity Managers
  • HSE Managers
  • Security Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • IT Managers

Learning objectives

  • Improved understanding, familiarity and confidence with how ERM principles, framework and process can be used to support your organisation in achieving its objectives and targets.
  • Improved understanding of how individual risk tolerance, preferences and behaviours are formed and contribute to risk-informed decision-making
  • Ability to use cutting edge, best practice tools and techniques to identify risk in terms of both threat and opportunity, assess risk effectively and select appropriate risk treatment measures
  • Ability to create risk communication strategies and initiatives to influence stakeholders and set the tone for positive risk culture
  • Improved understanding of the importance of incorporating business continuity into enterprise risk frameworks to ensure your organisation can withstand the worst.

About the trainers

Grant Kennedy


Grant has extensive senior management experience working within the Aerospace & Aviation Industry with; BAE Systems, Airbus, BAA and Global Infrastructure Partners. Over the last few years Grant has been Managing Director at KRisk and has supported many diverse organisations improve their risk profile through learning solutions and consultancy. Throughout his career he has based his approach on the principles of risk management standards and has successfully implemented integrated management systems that have achieved multiple ISO standard certifications.

Grant has a rare blend of experience, skills and knowledge which he applies to influencing and improving operational management, quality and risk performance drawing on a broad range of interrelated Degree, Post Graduate & Professional risk qualifications to support his proven ability.

Grant is a highly regarded and experienced trainer with the IRM, delivering Public and Tailored In-House courses including for the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority.  


Aarti Anhal


Aarti is a resilience coach, advisor and mentor. Renowned for her passion for the subject and dynamic style of facilitation, she has been working in the field of security, risk and resilience since 2001.

Formerly a Partner at a leading risk software company, Aarti has spent her professional career equipping operational teams and executives with the skills and tools they need to build their resilience capabilities and succeed in today’s complex environment. Her areas of expertise include: human resilience, cyber resilience, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Incident & Crisis Management (ICM).

In addition to delivering advisory services to develop and validate her clients’ resilience, Aarti has successfully led the enterprise-wide implementation of risk and resilience software platforms for airlines, airports, emergency services and government agencies in the UK and across Europe. These projects have helped her clients to strengthen their procedures and processes, improve delegation and ownership of responsibility across the organisation and generate real-time information to support risk-informed decision making.

She started her career helping UK government and businesses develop some of their early thinking on cyber-security before moving on to provide security consultancy to multinationals operating in high-risk environments including Iraq and Afghanistan.

The flexibility of Aarti’s analytical and problem-solving skills results from her academic background. She has: an LLB/Maitrise in English & French Law at King's College London and the Université de Paris I (Sorbonne); an MA in International Peace and Security; and, a PhD in International Studies from the University of Cambridge.