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Enterprise Risk Management for leaders, influencers and decision makers

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Course Overview

This three day executive training course will cover some of the most pressing and critical areas of enterprise risk management that executives in organisations worldwide currently face.

As well as placing a core focus on managing and reducing risk, this course will also cover an aspect of risk management that is often overlooked; that organisations should take risk and that it is the people within the organisation that drive success.

You will learn how to better position risk management to influence and improve the strategy of the organisation as well as to improve decision making and increase organisational resilience. Resilience is of vital importance in a world that is increasingly moving to a digital future and where disrupting technologies and competitors come at a much faster speed than ever before. With the ever increasing exposure to Digital risks, it is additionally important to be prepared and ultimately safeguard the reputation of the organisation.

There will be a focus on how to analyse your organisations top corporate and strategic risks using a number of techniques and ensuring it is part of business-as-usual by implementing advanced methods of reporting and building a strong and positive risk culture. Part of the learning will be around implementing tools to help identify emerging risks and black swans with a focus on digital risk and the protection of reputation.

On completion of this course expect to have a solid understanding of how to take risk management to the next level within your organisation by building it into strategy, culture and decision making at the very top levels of the organisation. Expect to be in a stronger position to add value by protecting reputation and having a stronger understanding of the Digital pitfalls and opportunities that your organisation should be focused on.  

Course Dates

Date Duration CPD  Location Members Non-members Book Now
  3 Days 18 Hours
£1,900 £2,000

Please note: payment must be made in £GBP Sterling.  

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Learning Objectives

Risk Management

  • How Risk Management can drive Strategy and the importance of taking risk
  • Organisational performance: How risk management can assist companies to achieve their objectives and optimise decision making.
  • Maturity: How to assess your organisation’s risk maturity and identify where improvements can be made.
  • Corporate & Strategic risks: Analysing organisation’s top risks using key tools, such as risk bow-ties, risk appetite and key risk indicators.
  • Reporting: Building reports that matter and add value to the decision making process
  • Emerging Risks and Black Swans: Techniques to identify emerging risks and black swan events in order to improve resilience

Emerging Risks & Black Swans – A Deep dive into Digital Risk

  • The current state of Digital Technology
  • How to build risk management into decision making to ensure your organisation doesn’t get Digital Technology wrong 
  • Cyber attacks and Social Media risks
  • Can Digital technologies act as a risk management tool by protecting the organisation and it’s supply chain?
  • Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other digital technologies
  • Reputational impact of Digital risks


  • Why Reputation is one of the largest concerns in board rooms
  • Understanding risks that can impact reputation including, but not limited to, cyber attacks, social media, environmental incidents and a failure in supply chain. 
  • Alternative metrics for measuring brand and reputation risk. 
  • Protecting and enhancing reputation with effective risk mitigation strategies such as Business Continuity and Media Management. 
  • Developing Risk Appetite for reputation

Risk Culture

  • The importance of risk culture in ensuring organisational resilience, effective digital risk management and in enhancing and protecting a company’s reputation.
  • Tone from the top and how to effectively communicate positive risk management
  • How to build risk management competency within the organisation
  • A framework for rewarding staff for taking and managing risk
  • Quick wins for building a risk culture.

Who should take this course

  • Anyone new to risk or wishing to enter the risk profession.
  • Executives and Heads of Departments to understand risk management and the role it should play within their organisations.
  • Risk management practitioners of all levels requiring a refresher on recent developments in risk management.
  • Project Portfolio Managers
  • Project Controls Managers
  • Asset Directors and Managers
  • Students studying IRM qualifications.

Trainer: Alexander Larsen

With 17 years of risk management experience across a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, construction, utilities, finance and public services.

Alex is President of Baldwin Global Risk Services Ltd and has considerable expertise of building successful risk cultures. He has worked with organizations to develop, enhance and embed their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Business Continuity Management (BCM), and Partnership Management processes.