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e-Learning - Risk & Resilience the core components

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The Resilience e-learning masterclass covers four key areas of risk management and resilience: business continuity, critical incident response, operational resilience and supply chain. This program will provide you with a very detailed and practical approach to resilience and recovery management.

Resilience Masterclass modules:

Business Continuity and Organisational Resilience

This course will cover the principles of business continuity and organisational resilience and their importance within the enterprise risk management framework. Organisational resilience is the ability of an organisation to adapt to change, understand its vulnerabilities and anticipate future threats and opportunities, while business continuity focuses on recovery from disruptions.

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Critical Incident Response and Management for Businesses

This course will look at the end-to-end process of critical incident response and management, including implementing awareness and response procedures into an organisation. A critical incident is an inherently abnormal, unstable and complex situation which is a threat to an organisation’s strategic objectives, reputation or existence.

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Operational Resilience: Products and Services

This course explores the end-to-end process of embedding operational resilience across an organisation From its origins in the financial industry, alignment with enterprise risk management and evolution to worldwide acceptance, all considerations for operational resilience are introduced and explored. Operational resilience is the ability of an organisation to effectively respond to, recover and learn from operational disruptions.

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Supply Chain Resilience

This course will cover the principles of supply chain resilience, highlighting the importance of an integrated risk and resilience approach across the organisation. Supply chain resilience is the ability of an organisation to effectively respond to, recover and learn from disruptions to its supply chain. This course will provide worked through examples and real-life case studies of supply chain disruptions across various industries.

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e-Learning modules

  Module Duration CPD Course Fee

Risk & Resilience: The Core Components

6-month window online, 
Self-managed via IRM webinar platform
30 Hours £450 +VAT (if applicable)

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Delegates will have a 6-month window to complete the modules upon receiving access.

Please Note: Due to the nature of risk and resilience management, many processes, principles and concepts are universal. You will therefore find some overlap in content and examples across the courses which have the advantage of reinforcing your learning.