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e-Learning - Introduction to Enterprise Risk and Resilience

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This e-learning course is for everyone. Understanding the core components of risk and resilience management has never been more important. The world we know has changed before us and as we transition into a new norm, the longstanding structures and foundations we knew will now be challenged.

We know that the need for risk and resilience management to provide a stable base to help organisations move forward is greater than ever.

This course will:

  • Increase overall resilience across the organisation
  • Improve risk culture and engagement levels with risk and resilience initiatives
  • Ensure risk and resilience objectives are met
  • Create an awareness of the value added by risk and resilience management
  • Strengthen confidence from stakeholders.

Delivery style:

Designed for a virtual working world, this short, interactive course utilises a blended learning approach to engage the learner.  Bringing together interactive exercises, video, narrative, and graphics the learner is taken on an enjoyable and structured journey through risk and resilience management. 

Key learning objectives:

  • Introduces key concepts, definitions and international standards
  • Demonstrates the importance of risk and resilience management and the benefits it offers an organisation
  • Explores the concept of risk culture
  • Reviews the context, maturity levels, roles and responsibilities involved with risk and resilience management
  • Examines each step of the risk process
  • Introduces the concept of business continuity management and its role in risk and resilience management.

e-Learning modules

  Module Duration CPD Course Fee

Enterprise Risk and Resilience

14 day
window online
1 Hour £50 +VAT (if applicable)

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The module can be completed within a day, delegates will have a 14-day window to complete the module upon receiving access.

Delegates will receive access and login details by the end of the next business day if they pay with credit/debit card and within 24 hours of the funds clearing from an invoice payment.