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Certificate in Quantitative Risk Management - CQRM

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What is CQRM?

The Certificate in Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM) e-learning program teaches you, in-depth, the concept and practical application of quantitative risk management. The program covers multiple tools used to measure, analyse and make risk decisions based on quantitative risk management data and processes. The program has integrated software for your convenience, but all internal software’s can be used after the program.*

*You will receive 12 months of free access to the software after you complete the program.

Key takeaways and benefits of taking the CQRM program:

  • Get an internationally certified in Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM-IIPER)
  • Develop the know-how to make more informed decisions in times of uncertainty and achieve better business outcomes
  • Discover the latest theoretical approaches and practical applications to support risk management decisions
  • Update and immerse yourself in techniques to better understand the past, the present and more accurately forecast the future 
  • Learn how to model industry-specific problems and implement risk analysis using Risk Simulator, Real Options SLS, and PEAT tools, capable of analysing large volumes of information
  • Gain experience in working with the latest implementation of risk management analytics

Program Overview:

  Module Duration CPD Course Fee


12 Months Online,
self-managed learning through LMS

30 Hours £1,795+VAT (if applicable)

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The program has a 12-month completion window. The entire program has 40 hours of studying and could be completed in 8 weeks if you were to work through content each day. We offer 12 months to complete the program so that learning can be self-managed, allowing delegates to work at their own pace.

Delegates will receive access and login details within 3 business days of the funds clearing from an invoice payment and credit/debit card payment.


The International Institute of Professional Education and Research's (IIPER) CQRM certification is accredited by the US National Certification Commission, in collaboration with many international organizations. The IIPER is a member of the AACSB (Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business), one of the largest accreditation agencies of business schools worldwide.

Program Content and Structure:

To become internationally accredited inCQRM-IIPER you must complete the 6 online sections as well as an exam at the end of your program. Each level is split into modules and units and they are listed for you below:

 CQRM Fundamentals  CQRM Level 1  CQRM Level 2

Pre-CQRM Fundamentals

The Pre-CQRM prepares you for the training and online examination, covering the fundamentals of quantitative risk management, optimisation and forecasting.

CQRM Level I

CQRM Level I covers the theory and application of analytical aspects including Monte Carlo Simulation, Correlation Analysis, Data Fitting and more.


CQRM Level II covers optimisation theory, application, and hands-on modelling. It will also look at predictive modelling and forecasting.

CQRM Level 3 CQRM Review CQRM Exam


This CQRM Level III unit covers the theory and application of Real Options Analysis. You will gain hands-on experience in modelling and valuing strategic real options.

CQRM Review for the examination

Review all material for the certification program and exam. Three 30-minute review sessions will help you best prepare for the CQRM online examination.


Prepare for the final exam in advance by taking a mock exam. The mock exam closely simulates the CQRM exam experience, giving you the best chance of success.

Who is the CQRM e-learning program for:

Professionals who are looking at updating their risk management knowledge and are interested in taking a quantitative risk management approach to measure and analyse business data and make informed decisions.

What our students say:

 David Blake

“Excellent topics! Risk Management makes us human. To manage risk we need to be able to measure uncertainty and transform our mitigation plans in short- and long-term strategies.”

David Blake, Senior Consultant - Governance, Risk and Compliance
 Aataullah Naser CQRM

“I was able to develop my quantitative risk management skills to help the business. It was useful to use case studies and learn how we can apply quantitative expertise in the real world.”

Aataullah Naser, Enterprise Risk Consultant

About the trainers:

Learn from world experts who have outstanding credentials and extensive practical experience in quantitative methods and risk management

Dr Jonathan Mun Program Director (Instructor)
Prof. Dr Johnathan Mun | PhD, MS, MBA, BS, CQRM, FRM, CFC, MIFC
Dr Elvis Hernandez Program Coordinator (Tutor)
Prof. Dr Elvis Hernandez | PhD(Fin), PhD(EngSc), MS, BS, CQRM, AFHEA, FEI