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Strategic Insights into Cyber Risk / Information Security 

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16 May 2017 6 September 2017


Pound _18x 22 IRM Members: £495 / Non-Members: £595

Counts towards 6 CPD hours

Information security and data protection have proved to be very complex risks. Organisations are inevitably susceptible to cyber threats and online data breach.

The objective of this course is to bridge the gap between IT specialists and non-technical management, so that the organisation can understand information security from a holistic perspective.

Learning objectives:

  • Bridge the gap between IT specialists and non-specialists.

  • Understand the threats to information security, such as breaching information security and the motives for breaching.

  • Potential impact of a breach.

  • The legal and regulatory protections around data, and the legal obligation to secure and protect data.

  • Management techniques to respond to information security threats.

Learning outcomes:

  • Communicate effectively to key stakeholders about information security threats.

  • Adapt existing risk management frameworks to deal with information security risks.

  • Understand and fulfil the legal obligations of the employer/client in relation to data protection.

  • Proactive incident response to information security threats and having the confidence to analyse your organisation's action plan.