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Risk management for charities: Getting started: supplementary guidance

Risk management is something that we probably all know we are supposed to do but too often it is seen as a complex scientific discipline; something that is done by highly qualified experts sitting in ivory towers. Or worse, a bureaucratic waste of time.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Risk management is something we all do without thinking in our everyday lives. Why do we look both ways before we cross the road? Because we’re managing the risk that we might be run over by a car that’s going too fast and fails to stop in time. If that happens we won’t achieve our implicit objective of reaching the other side of the road in one piece. So a lot of this is second nature or common sense based.

We need to bring that kind of thinking to the workplace but we recognise it can be difficult to know where to start. The IRM’s Charities Special Interest Group has created this guidance to help charities of all sizes make sense of risk management. The guidance is based on the approach set out in ISO 31000 and is entirely consistent with Charity Commission requirements.

This guidance supplements our leaflet, ‘Getting started’ and provides more detail on how to develop risk management in your charity



Risk management for charities: Getting started: supplementary guidance

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