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Risk culture: Resources for Practitioners

The project team recognised early on that this was a rapidly developing and immature topic and that there was no general consensus on how it should be tackled. This suggested an approach whereby a series of essays exploring various aspects of risk culture would be beneficial in capturing the different facets of such a complex subject. The IRM recognised that given the scale of the topic and challenges in embracing every aspect of a complex subject, due humility should be shown in terms of what contribution such a paper could make to moving this subject forward.

The document is essentially a collection of essays by different authors on various aspects of risk culture. We have structured it into a logical sequence of chapters using the IRM Risk Culture Framework (see page 14) but there are differences in style and expression between the chapters. The document is aimed at risk professionals and operational management teams (as risk culture is not the sole domain of the risk professional).



Risk culture: Resources for Practitioners 

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