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The value of IRM qualifications, views from a CRO

Jason Qian, IRMCert, IRM Global Ambassador, China

AGM, CRO and Board Secretary at Lloyd's Insurance Company (China) Limited

We spoke to Jason back in 2018 to ask him about the value of IRM qualifications, since then he has been appointed as Board Secretary and wanted to update us.

The International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management and International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management qualification have definitely helped with my career development.

When I was hired as CRO of the Company, the Board expected someone who has a good understanding of risk management - especially as it was the time to develop and implement a risk management framework under the new solvency regime. Although I did have a proven track record, the qualifications I have obtained actually provided instant ‘systematic’ assurance on what the Board was looking for. Not to mention that relevant qualification is a useful reference as CRO is a role that is subject to regulatory approval.

The qualifications are more than just certificates. The practical nature of the content and resources of the qualifications have been, and are continuously helping me on a day-to-day basis. I think the design of the qualifications is fantastic. It provided me with both a path of progressive essential knowledge building and an opportunity of comprehensive development.

Access to plenty of relevant resources is also a good portal for continuous professional development. The knowledge and tools have helped me in addressing live situations. On the other hand, it helped me to strengthen my competency to refresh the learning points and reading materials at work from time-to-time.

I would also add that IRM has been working hard to keep the qualifications relevant. The syllabus has been revised at least twice since I was qualified in 2013. I have noticed that they always reflect the most up-to-date developments and challenges of risk management, and provide enhanced support to students in terms of learning and progression.


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