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Siobhan Crawford: Sector Risk Analyst, Crossrail

Siobhan Crawford, IRM Student

Sector Risk Analyst Systemwide



How did you get your job?

In 2012, I started working within the financial and commercial team within Network Rail supporting the Finance and Commercial Director and his team. I soon developed a keen interest for the industry, and continued to develop my knowledge of rail and build up my network. After working in support functions for the next two years, I decided to try something new, and accepted a role within risk management.

For the first 12 months, I supported the delivery of Jubilee and Northern Line upgrades, working alongside the project controls team at Thales. I then had the opportunity to manage my own projects, accepting a role as Sector Risk Analyst within Crossrail Ltd.

What’s a typical day like as a Sector Risk Analyst?

My role is varied, so no day is ‘typical’. My day-to-day work generally involves engaging with key stakeholders, facilitating risk workshops and contributing to project meetings with both internal colleagues and the Contractor.

Maintaining these relationships is key to delivering robust qualitative risk data and quantitative risk assessments – two of my key deliverables.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people. I enjoy working with people from all different levels of the business - from executive to more junior members of staff. The purpose of my industry is to transform our society at large – made for people, by people. I enjoy going on site and seeing first hand some of the great work my colleagues do. I’m lucky that my role involves both working autonomously and within a team.

What are the challenges?

My portfolio is very dynamic, and Crossrail is an extremely fast paced environment. It is sometimes hard to stay aligned with all of the changes/issues/challenges that the team are faced with daily. It is important to be both proactive, and have the ability to react to the ever changing risk profile, in order to maintain successful risk management and provide accurate risk data to inform the team to make the right decisions.

In what way are your IRM qualifications relevant?

The IRM qualifications I have achieved to date have made me gain a better understanding of the background to risk management and reinforced to me just how important it is within any organisation. It has led me to challenge current ways of running things, and think a little differently to maintain the highest level of confidence to my key stakeholders in the way risk is managed within my portfolio.

How has your role developed and what are your career ambitions?

I have had only a few years in risk management, however I have been consistently learning since I began. My career ambitions are to progress higher into management positions and to continue to develop both on a personal and professional level.

Top Tips

Personally, I have worked hard to develop outside of any role I have been given during my (short but progressive) career, and I believe that these three tips have led me to develop to the position I am in today:

  • If you want to gain experience, you must be willing to commit your time, and effort. If colleagues, managers, organisations offer you experience in whatever way it may be, you must firstly think of clear objectives that you want to meet from the said arrangement so you are both on a common understanding, and secondly, do not let this negatively impact the deliverables expected of you within your current role.
  • Work hard at what you do, and if someone gives you an opportunity, embrace it and do not let them regret it!
  • Understand that everyone’s time is important, and that perception is key – if you don’t deliver to timescales set, turn up late etc., then it is hard to shake a first impression!!