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Senior Executive Route - Cathy Day CMIRM

The Senior Executive Route to IRM Certification is designed for senior risk professionals who wish to have their skills and knowledge in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) formally acknowledged by the leading risk management institute. It is aimed at risk management professionals with at least 8 years' senior experience and allows them to demonstrate a parity of understanding and experience with Certified Members and Certified Fellows who have studied the International Diploma in Risk Management.

We speak to Cathy Day, CMIRM, Director Health, Safety & Risk - University of Southampton, about why she chose this route to professional recognition with the IRM. 

I’m the Director of Health, Safety and Risk at the University of Southampton. I lead on the enterprise risk management framework, business continuity and crisis management framework, Health & Safety, Insurance and Wellbeing. 

I think it’s essential that risk professionals maintain their level of expertise and awareness about both existing and emerging risks across the globe. We’ve learnt a hard lesson as a consequence of the pandemic that risk in one part of the world can soon become a risk to all. We need to capture that learning and build on it so that we are much more alert to future risks which have the potential to go global. 

Climate change is another risk that exemplifies this and one which we should have acted on at a much earlier stage. It’s not enough to just be aware of the risk, we need to work together and do something about it. 

The IRM is not just a conduit for change and good risk management but also a learning provider which helps to develop the expertise and confidence of risk managers. Risk management in my view is the golden thread within all organisations because if we can’t identify, assess and manage the risk then we are taking decisions blindly which will impact our ability to achieve our priorities.

I was keen to take advantage of the IRM’s Senior Executive Route because it afforded me the opportunity to join a group of like-minded professionals whilst also obtaining recognition for the senior risk management role that I undertake. This helped me to get traction at work when dealing with stakeholders but also allows me to network and learn from other senior colleagues.

IRM has afforded me the opportunity to participate in the masterclass workshops which I found very useful in gaining confirmation of my own approach but at the same time being exposed to many other different perspectives and ways of working which is enough to provide sufficient challenge to your own thought process.

Since I joined IRM, I have completely overhauled the risk management framework at work and my role has been expanded to include insurance services so that we have a much more holistic approach to risk now.

I would encourage other risk professionals to consider joining IRM to benefit from the input of others, to keep up-to-date with emerging change and to access really good guidance. 

To find out more about the Senior Executive Route please click here.

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