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Risk in Focus: Anthony Onwughalu | IRMCert | Consultant HSE Engineer | at WSP | Qatar

How did you get your job?

I initially became a consultant HSE Engr. After rigorous certification and training in Doha-Qatar, the job I executed with different government consulting firms for 8 years, while building and maintaining high profile connection with my superiors in both government agencies and consulting firms. It was in early 2019 that I saw a job advertisement by a government consulting firm for Risk and HSE Engr. I took a shot at it, and was able to land the job through recommendation from one of the high profile managers in the concerned government agency.

It was after I started the job that I picked interest in going for formal qualification in risk management, and fortunately I found IRM International Certificate in ERM, which I have completed and have been awarded the designation IRMCert, which has deeply broadened my creative initiative and knowledge in management of risk.


What is a typical day like as a Risk and HSE Engr.?

My typical day involves activities, which include providing government client and main contractor with the reports of identified and emerging risks, and issuing improvement, preventive and corrective recommendations with deadlines to avoid risk materializing.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I enjoy most about my job is the fact that I have not recorded any risk event leading to adverse consequences, as well as the positive feedback I receive regularly from both the government clients and main contractors regarding cooperation and job performance.


What are the challenges?

My challenge includes being always pragmatic and creative in facing, interpreting and managing occasionally conflicting clients’ directives and interests, as well as keeping up- to-date and following-up with the unresolved risk situations.


What would you say to others thinking about taking the ERM Certificate?

It is worth it. For anybody who wants to go into risk management, the IRM qualification is the epicenter of it all.


What have you been able to put into practice in your job as a result of what you have learnt?

I have been able to deploy in-depth analysis and review of all risk and safety documents submitted by main contractors prior to commencement of project implementation, as well as being able to closely monitor main contractor’s operations to identify and communicate any emerging risks for appropriate management actions, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


How do I get into/work as a/become a/ what advise can you give to others?

-Visit the IRM-website

-Get started by registering for the International Certificate in ERM.

-Set achievable targets. Ensure you read at least 3-5 hours every day to enable you cover the whole syllabus and other reading materials once every month. I did these, and covered the syllabus and all reading materials 5 times before the examination dates. It is determination and focus. Buy exercise book and summarize the main online text book. Do not read directly from online, because there are so many things you can only read for additional information but not relevant to the examination. By doing these you will have lesser, but important volume to read within those 6 months of studies.

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