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IRM’s new Australia Regional Group aims to help professionals boost the risk maturity levels in their organisations in an unprecedentedly busy time

Currently, Australia’s growth is driving the demand for better infrastructure and, transportation systems. This alone is introducing once in a lifetime projects in size and complexities never seen in the country previously. Additionally, with the recent trilateral nuclear submarine partnership between Australia-UK-US (AUKUS) and the Olympics heading to Brisbane, there is plenty going on in Australia and certainly some busy times ahead.  

Australia has a wealth of experience and expertise in the management of risk. To ensure success in the delivery of all these major programs of work and to support the continued growth of Australia’s organisations, it is important that risk management is front and centre. Uplifting the current levels of risk maturity will be an essential part of the journey for Australia. 

Colin McCrorey, IRMCert, Chair IRM Australia Group says: 

“All the above provides an opportunity, now, to make a difference and is one of the key objectives for this group being formed. Additionally, it will provide a forum, which currently does not exist, for risk professionals in the region to have a way to connect with IRM members and stakeholders to collaborate and share learning and professional experiences.  

It will also offer an opportunity for the next generation of risk professionals to engage and develop under the guidance of the committee and the IRM.  

It will support career development and growth which in turn will support the much-needed increase of the risk maturity across the nation.” 

In December 2022 Infrastructure Australia reported that many of the mega projects will run late adding billions to costs because risks are not being managed correctly. Recent independent reviews have confirmed this being the case. This is why it is important to have an active Group in Australia. Establishment of the Group can only provide positive outcomes. 

The benefit of the group will also support diversification of skills onto the professions, increase interest and develop risk professionals throughout the region. 

Rahat Latif, CFIRM, Chair of the IRM Interest Groups Committee comments: 

“This is a key development for the IRM in Australia, and I congratulate Colin and his team on their appointment to form the Group. 

The Group will allow current and prospective IRM members throughout the region the opportunity to network and have the benefit of the group outputs, presentations, expert advice, and other opportunities to develop the risk profession. 

We will also be able to offer mentoring opportunities to junior risk professionals and managers and new entrants to the profession, including the next generation of risk professionals.” 

Committee members: 

Chair, Colin McCrorey, IRMCert 

Jessica Schilling 

Nathan Blair 

Anh Dinh 

Wes Cadby, CFIRM – IRM Board member, mentor, and previous Chair of IRM’s Infrastructure Group 

Look out for an interview with Colin in the next edition of Enterprise Risk Magazine. 

We have a variety of sector and regional Groups to cover all industries and regions across the globe, visit our website and sign up to get involved. 

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