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IRM Global Risk Trends 2023

This year we have decided to switch the focus from Risk Predictions to Global Risk Trends. 

The world has never been more complex and volatile, as seen in the daily news and felt in boardrooms. War, climate change, cyber-risks, the energy crises, the cost of living, and the fallout from the pandemic is still sending shockwaves around all organisations. With increasing complexity and uncertainty in the business environment, organisations are recognising the importance of proactively identifying and managing risks.

We asked our Group/Chapter Chairs and Committee members to share their thoughts on current, and upcoming risk trends. Stephen Sidebottom IRM, Chair, also provides his insight on the global risk landscape.

We'd like to say a big thank you to all our Group/Chapter Chairs and Committee members, and our Global Ambassadors for their ongoing support and views for this publication.

Please fill in this short form and download your free copy of the IRM Global Risk Trends 2023 here >>

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