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IRM Global Risk Predictions 2021

A global pandemic, increased geopolitical risk, conflict, bushfires, Brexit, flooding and political unrest – the Institute of Risk Management asks its senior members from our Special/Regional Interest Groups (SIGs/RIGs) and Global Ambassadors about their views on the outlook for risk management in 2021.

Iain Wright CFIRM, Chair, Institute of Risk Management, says:

"2021 has got off to a difficult, but not entirely unexpected, start. Many countries are sadly (but necessarily) back into lockdown measures due to the pandemic, but with the vaccine rollout underway, we hope for a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. The world has changed as we know it.

Organisations have had to adapt to survive and ways of working are more reliant on technology than ever as many staff work from home. Organisations are facing increased and increasing risks from both internal and external factors that have undoubtedly been exacerbated by Covid-19, including: people risk (mental health, wellbeing, physical health of staff), increased cyber-attacks, supply chain disruption and ongoing market confidence/volatility across sectors, which is exacerbated by geopolitical volatility in some areas".

Read the full report here:

* Please note the pieces reflect the individuals' rather than their company views.

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