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Institute of Risk Management (IRM) Directors visit India

Two senior Directors from the UK based IRM will be visiting India for business meetings in September. As risk management moves up the corporate agenda in all sectors, the IRM has been approached by several members and organisations in India to explore the possibility of IRM collaborating with local academic/training institutes to jointly deliver qualifications and training in the region to both individuals and businesses. This prompted IRM to plan a visit to India by Sanjay Himatsingani, Director of Training and Business Development and Carolyn Williams, Director of Corporate Relations.

Here’s their schedule:

Mumbai: Thursday 13th September – Saturday 15 September

Delhi: Sunday 16 September – Wed 19 September

Hyderabad: Thursday 20 September

Bengaluru: Friday 21 September 

If you’d like to arrange to meet them please contact:

They’ll also be working with IRM Global Ambassadors Abhishek Paul and Sonjai Kumar, , who are helping to raise the profile of risk management and the Institute in country. Abhishek, who is AVP- Risk Assurance at Natwest Markets, explains:

"Inheriting risks is unavoidable but residing with them is. If you truly want your organisation to respond to risks quickly you need to first build a strong risk culture and then encourage people to make risk based decisions – it needs to become simply the way we think. 

Some formal education on risk management can definitely help us understand it from a completely different perspective. I speak out of my own personal experience and I truly feel that there is a vast potential that may be hidden within the organisations to upskill their current teams and enable them to think differently and make a very strong internal governance framework that will affect the longevity of survival and existence of every organisation. This is where I feel a global institute like IRM can help with the vast curriculum of risk management that they have on various business sectors and industries."

For more information please visit:

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