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Calling the Armed Forces Community

Simon King CMIRM, former Chief Risk Officer, UK Ministry of Defence is a senior member of the IRM. 

“There are some 200,000 people in the Armed Forces and many of them are making risk management decisions every day. It is vitally important that the Armed Forces and businesses are mutually engaged.” 

IRM's access to funding and education will be invaluable to service personnel and help them to forge a new career path once they leave service.” 

Risk management professionals come from a diverse range of backgrounds and work at all kinds of companies across every sector around the globe. Having risk management skills can land you a job anywhere and offer you a chance to use many of the skills you already have learnt to forge a successful career path. 

A high proportion of risk managers have fallen into the profession, having come from other fields, and many of the skills learnt by service personnel or those with a military background naturally crossover into the world of risk management.  We are keen to ensure these skills are recognised and that we can help support your lifelong learning and career transition where possible.  

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) exists to develop people looking for a challenging and rewarding career and ensure that those in the role are current and competent. 

Risk management is a responsibility within a company that can fall under a range of different job titles. These include (but are not limited to) the following. 

  • Risk Analyst 
  • Insurance Analyst 
  • Loss Control Representative 
  • Risk Consultant 
  • Risk Control Consultant 
  • Risk Management Consultant 
  • Risk Manager 
  • Business Risk Manager 
  • Corporate Risk Manager 

Given the volatile and uncertain nature of the economy, geopolitics, supply chain issues, and other factors - risk managers have never been in higher demand. 

IRM has signed the Armed Forces Covenant and received the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Employer award, which is part of a wider pledge by the IRM to increase military personnel and veterans’ visibility to the risk management profession. We provide accessible and relevant training and qualifications that will help military personnel make the transition into the business world. 

One of our key qualifications is ELCAS funded, meaning if you are eligible, you can pay as little as £166.80 and undertake the Level 4 accredited (by ATHE) Certificate in Operational Risk Management, become a Certified member (free for a year) and use the designation CIOR once you have passed the online exam. It is a self-study workbook, so can be studied in your own time; (we suggest it should take 130-150 hours of study). 

Members of the Armed Forces and veterans are also eligible for a 10% discount on IRM’s suite of industry-recognised training including the flagship Fundamentals of Risk Management Course. 

The Chair of the IRM’s Armed Forces Community Group, Chris Blockley-Webb encourages you to connect with us, saying: 

“There is an inherent connection between the forces and the discipline of risk management and the IRM wants to be at the heart of providing opportunities for those looking to enhance their careers and use the skills already learnt to help service leavers back into civvy street or those that want to learn about the enterprise side of risk management in their current military career”. 

Feel free to join our network and stay updated – we will be announcing a series of events aimed at the Armed Forces Community in 2023. 

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