Senior Executive Route

The Senior Executive Route to IRM Certification is designed for senior risk professionals who wish to have their skills and knowledge in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) formally acknowledged by the leading risk management institute. It is aimed at risk management professionals with at least 8 years' experience, and allows them to demonstrate a parity of understanding and experience with Certified Members and Certified Fellows who have studied the Institute's International Diploma in Enterprise Risk Management.

Application process

To apply for the Senior Executive Route to Certified Membership you will need to complete this assessment form. Before commencing your application, you should also read the Guidance notes and familiarise yourself with IRM’s Professional Standards in Risk Management, as these underpin the application and assessment process.

The Assessment Form along with a copy of your CV should be emailed to This should be accompanied with your initial payment (see below under Fees for more information).

Your assessment form will be reviewed by IRM. Should you demonstrate that you meet the relevant criteria for consideration for membership via the Senior Executive Route, you will be invited to an interview (see under Assessment Process).

IRM may turn down your application at this point if we do not consider that you have met the necessary level of experience or competence, as evidenced by the assessment form. In that eventuality, you will be allowed to re-submit your assessment form within 12 months free of charge.

Assessment process

Assessment of your eligibility for IRM Certified Membership is made via a competency-based interview. The interview panel will consist of two experienced professionals, one from the world of risk and one from human resources.  The interview will last for 90 minutes of which at least 75 minutes is dedicated to answering the panel’s questions. You will be expected to answer at least 15 questions. Your answers can draw further from the examples given in your assessment form, or from other aspects of your work experience, to demonstrate how you meet IRM’s Professional Standards. You will be expected to show a strong understanding of theoretical and technical issues.

Interview dates:


  • 16 January and 19 January

  • 13 February and 16 February

  • 8 March and 15 March

  • 20 April and 26 April

  • 15 May and 18 May

Following the interview, the Assessment Panel will consider whether to make an award at Certified Membership or Certified Fellowship level, or not to make an award at all. This will be communicated to you at the earliest possible moment.  


The fee for admission into Certified Membership of IRM via the Senior Executive Route is:

Current IRM members: £1,250
Non-members: £1,450

This fee will be collected according to the following schedule.


All applicants: £250


Members: £800
Non-members: £900


Members: £200
Non-members £300

All fees are non-refundable, depending on the stage you have reached. No steps will be taken at any stage until the fee for that stage has been received. That means that the assessment form will not be assessed until the application fee has been paid; no interview will be arranged until the interview fee has been received; and no certificate will be issued until the certification fee has been received.

All Certified Members and Certified Fellows accepted via the Senior Executive Route will be expected to renew their annual membership at the beginning of each subsequent membership year (1st July).

Further information

For further information, please contact our membership support team.

Useful documents:

Application form

Senior Executive Route To Certified Membership Assessment Form Front Cover

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Guidance notes

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Professional Standards

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