The Institute of Risk Management (IRM), UK Forges Alliance with the Chartered Institute of Loan and Risk Management (CILRM), Nigeria

The IRM is delighted to be able to announce that today has seen the signing of a group affiliate scheme agreement between the two organisations.

IRM is the leading global professional body for Enterprise Risk Management and currently has over 600 members across Africa. It was active in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, and is currently in the process of setting up groups in Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Nigerian legislation dictates that all companies over a certain size must have qualified risk management professionals in place, highlighting the importance of risk management to the success of organisations and the economy.

The scheme involves the CILRM purchasing 2,500 IRM group affiliate memberships which will then be allocated across the CILRM membership network. CILRM members then can benefit from demonstrating their commitment to the risk management agenda by being part of a growing global network. Other membership benefits include events, qualifications, networking and access to online materials.

Dr Ian Livsey, Chief Executive of the IRM said:

“This is an exciting development for both the IRM and CILRM to strengthen the risk management profession in Nigeria, and for us to work more strategically going forwards.

The IRM already had a great footprint in Africa but this development cements the importance of the developing Nigerian market. We are keen to develop the risk management profession globally and raise the importance of enterprise risk at board level”.                                                                                                            

Dr Sir Oladipupo A Bailey, President and Chairman of the Governing Council of CILRM said:

“The signing of the MoU with IRM today will not only strengthen the relation between our esteemed Institute and IRM, but will also go a long way to firmly create awareness of full practices of risk management in the Nigeria economy, both private and public sectors.

This is another milestone achievement for CILRM and IRM towards growth and development of the profession, especially in the areas of resource enhancement, capacity building and professionalism”.

The IRM have recently launched the Big Debate, a series of global events, interviews and a survey. To find out more, visit the Risk Agenda 2025 page.