No more business as usual: Risk Leaders 2017

Behaviour, technology and political upheaval

Calendar   Thursday 23 November 2017, 09:00 - 17:00  
Location Con Inmarsat Conference Centre, London, EC1Y 1AX Book Now
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There is no more ‘business as usual’.

The recent past has seen political and social upheaval, together with change enabled by technology, which has forced us to re-examine some basic assumptions about the world we live in. We have seen fractures appearing in the European Union, the rise of populism and challenges to the ‘truth’ of the mainstream news agenda. What can be perceived as repeated failures and scandals have led to a loss of trust in ‘experts’ and a questioning of the motivations and ability of companies, organisations and institutions to deliver on their objectives as well as fulfil their role as good global citizens.

Given the increased volatility of the external environment, how should boards approach their governance and risk management responsibilities? What can be done to help organisations instil the behaviours at all levels that will meet the needs of stakeholders and enhance reputation?

This year’s Risk Leaders conference will focus on how corporate and individual behaviour affects the ability of organisations to manage their risks, particularly in the context of the widespread political and technological changes that have been rapidly evolving across the world.

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