IRM Member Scoops BSI Award

BSI International Standards Maker Awards

This award is to recognize an exceptional contribution to representing, championing and safe-guarding.

UK committees’ positions in European and/or international standards-making. The recipient can be a serving or recently retired committee member who has been involved in European or international standards-making. Recipients will have demonstrated how their contribution has specifically supported UK interests or positions. They should have been contributing to the development of a standard(s) which has a significant impact on industry, the economy and/or the public good. 

Winner: Fiona Davidge

As a member of RM/1: Risk management Fiona Davidge contributed above and beyond expectations in regard to her time, effort and intellectual input to what is one of the most widely used and important global standards, ISO 31000, Risk management, Principles and guidelines. 

She proactively proposed improvement and was central to the review and consensus building within the RM/1 committee and to resolving comments on the various drafts. She did this with tact and diplomacy so that all felt they were being heard and that their ideas were given consideration and appropriately included. Fiona drove the process to completion. She represented the UK at the ISO meetings, presenting the agreed position and working in a collaborative manner with those from other countries. The revisions clearly improved the standard (ISO 31000) and took on board revisions proposed by the UK. She reported back to RM/1 on the ISO meetings, explained the approach taken to influence those representing other countries and ensured that everyone was updated on discussions at meetings and progress made. The time, effort and skill she deployed to the task were exemplary and a reflection of her outstanding commitment to standards-making.

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