Charities Special Interest Group 2018 review

We started 2018 by reviewing and publishing our second Top Risks Survey results. This time we asked not only what the hot topics for 2018 will be but also how the respondents thought top risks would look in 2021. We captured the output in the infographic below which we published in March.

Charities SIG 2018 Review v


 As always we used the response and further SIG member feedback to inform the programme of events and publications that we have delivered during 2018. 

We also streamlined our SIG webpage to make accessing our publications and guidance easier, and published our plans for the year ahead. 

Also in January we published Risk Governance: Structures & Accountabilities, a practical guide to helping charities of all different sizes to develop and embed risk management structures into their organisations. As usual, this was developed through SIG member Working Group contributions with the main author being Rob Beaton of the Nursing & Midwifery Council. Our thanks the members for their contribution as detailed in the publication.

Our first event of 2018 took place 1st March at Gallagher’s London office. The event reviewed the Top Risks feedback, Marilyn Acker from VSO provided an insight into how VSO were planning GDPR compliance; Rob Beaton launched the new publication; and we held an open forum on Safeguarding and Crisis Management which was a highly interactive session. 

It was about this time that we started work on our main publication of 2018 around managing regulatory risk. 

The second SIG event took place 26th April under the heading “What’s coming over the horizon?”. The SIG members heard all about IRM’s Innovation SIG’s work on the Risk Agenda 2025 from Clive Thompson and Mark Turner, as well as learning about horizon scanning techniques. The session finished with a stakeholder mapping workshop that again was highly interactive and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone. The audience was split into 5-6 groups who worked out stakeholders for their particular group and fed back to the wider session. 

This led to the compilation of a publication on Tools for Stakeholder Mapping, which includes a high level sector stakeholder map based on the output from the workshop. The tool was publicised in an article we published in a Risk Special article for Charity Finance in September.

In June we published the refreshed version of Getting Started (with risk management) to align it to the recently refreshed ISO31000 on risk management. 

On 14th June we held our third event of the year focused on crisis management. David Brittain of Ecclesiastical provided some insights from the Ecclesiastical’s charities survey publication that had just been launched. Jake Hernandez of Gallagher introduced the topic area and provided a session full of excellent first hand case studies. Anita Punwani of AMAP Services talked about common risk factors and how to learn lessons from past crises and their management. Steve Brown of Alzheimer’s Society provided a case study of how Alzheimer’s have embedded leadership behaviours across the organisation and Rob Beaton of NMC provided details of how to undertake a risk deep dive through a case study. The deep dive advice was publicised in an Risk Special article for Charity Finance in September. 

17th July saw a Working Group meeting to continue the development of the Managing Risk & Regulation publication. This event provided peer review of the guidance from SIG members, which in turn steered the guide in a focused new direction. 

In September the SIG responded to the Digital Code of Governance under consultation to the charity sector. Thanks to all for their input.

4th October saw the final event of 2018 focused on Cyber. Members were asked at previous events to define what they wanted to know about cyber risk and it quickly became apparent there was too much for one half day session. The October event 

was profiled as Part One and included Cub of the National Cyber Security Centre talking about the types of risks out there that are impacting the charity sector. Zoe Amar talked about the Digital Code and the feedback from the consultation. Claire Williams of Mills & Reeves explained some of the legal risks within cyber risk. And a workshop session on cyber risk captured the risks that were exercising the people in the room and how they were currently tackling these risks, as well as through in-team discussions new ideas that people could take away. 

Cyber Risk Part Two takes place 22nd January and will delve deeper into risk management techniques. 

November saw the publication of the ‘Managing Risk & Regulation’ practical advice guide and in 2019 a further publication will be released on how to assure this management. 

Also in November thanks to Kevin Thomas of Ecclesiastical, Ansvar sponsored the publication of a deeper analysis of the Top Risks of 2018/2021. Our Chair, Alyson Pepperill opened the Charity Finance Group Risk Conference 12th December on Top Risks too.

Members of the SIG have been supported through asking the members to share their organisation’s approach to different aspects of risk that are compiled and shared to SIG members on an anonymised basis to help share best practice and development. Whilst others have kindly stepped up to speak at CFG and other risk events, as well as writing for publications such as Charity Finance. 

In December 2018 we will repeat our risk survey so please support us by responding. 

We are looking forward to 2019 and the challenges on the horizon that the SIG can support the charity sector with at a time of change, uncertainty and opportunity. 

Thank you to the SIG team and all members – without your contribution we would not be able to such an active and participative SIG!


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