Barclays Risk Academy Announces 68 Learners to embark on IRM International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) recently launched its new International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall in London. 

Over 60 key players from the financial services industry came together to hear from:

  • IRM Chair, Nicola Crawford CFIRM.
  • Vicky Gray, Head of Learning Leadership, Talent for Technology, Barclays Risk Academy.
  • Socrates Coudounaris Executive Director, ERM, Reinsurance Group of America, Deputy Chair IRM; and
  • Simona Fionda IRMCert Head of Risk, Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Vicky Gray from Barclays Risk Academy (which has 550 staff registered as a group scheme with the IRM) gave a presentation on the importance of having qualified staff and announced Barclays commitment to putting 60 learners through the new qualification and a further eight on an apprenticeship as part of the Barclays Risk Passport scheme.

Emma Maries TAP.dip, Vice President Barclays Risk Academy says:

“Barclays is committed to supporting colleagues with their self-development as we know what a positive impact this has on broadening their risk knowledge and technical skills, both through our internal (IRM accredited) Risk Passport and then with further external study with the IRM.

The International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management will enhance students’ knowledge of all areas of risk management through theoretical and practical application during the course of their studies.”

Ian Livsey Chief Executive of the IRM said:

“Barclays have shown a great commitment by signing up their learners to our qualifications, ensuring that their staff are current and competent - their Risk Academy is truly leading the way.

The new qualification has been updated to reflect changes in the regulatory environment including Basel III and Solvency II and is designed to be applicable to all those working in financial services who have risk in their remit.

In the wake of the financial crash risk management is more important to businesses and the economy than ever.”

One of the delegates at the event commented:

“According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) website over 56,000 firms are regulated by them - if all of them demonstrated the same level of commitment to effective risk management as Barclays then the UK economy would be transformed.”

To view Vicky Gray’s full presentation from the event click here.

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