Extended Enterprise: Managing Risk in Complex 21st Century Organisations

Consultation drafts

This has proved to be a wide ranging subject with a number of potential areas of study. Rather than produce a single large consultation document we have split the work up into a number of different chapters which can be accessed below.

We would very much like to know what you think of the work so far and in particular:

  • Does it provide a rounded and practical approach to the subject?
  • Can you add any insight or, particularly, case study material on any of the topics that would be useful to others?
  • Are there any major omissions and if so, would you be prepared to write or contribute something in that area?

We have put this work out in a relatively unfinished form in order to gain input from the wider community at an early stage. Comments on substance, rather than typos and style issues (which will be addressed at the finalisation stage) would be most welcome.

Comments should be sent to IRM Technical Director Carolyn Williams on Carolyn.williams@theirm.org by Friday 20 June 2014.

From this page you can download the draft chapters as they become available.

Section One: Key Concepts

1.1 Introduction/Overview – to follow
1.2 Executive Summary – to follow
1.3 Modelling the extended enterprise
1.4 Leadership, management and governance in the extended enterprise
1.5 Assurance
1.6 Questions for the board

Section Two: Governance and Assurance

2.1 Building trust across an extended enterprise
2.2 Risk, innovation and the extended enterprise
2.3 Partnerships, collaboration and shared services in the public and third sectors
2.4 Risk capability in the extended enterprise
2.5 Risk communication in the extended enterprise

Section Three: Tools, Techniques and Case Studies

3.1 Standards and assurance
3.2 Supplier assurance – advancing from assessment to risk management
3.3 IT and cloud computing
3.4 A practical approach to managing supply chain for the sector level extended enterprise

Case studies:

Case study 1 – Laser integration into a system
Case study 2 – Heathrow Terminal 5 – a new paradigm for major programme risk management
Case study 3 – Whole systems leadership

Our project team

IRM would like to thank our team of authors and supporters who have contributed to the project and in particular:

Neil Allan SIRM, Systemic Consult & University of Bristol, UK
Richard Anderson FIRM, UK
Mike Bartlett, FIRM, Network Rail, UK
Jeremy Bendall, Bendall Advisory, NZ
Darren Brooks, BAE Applied Intelligence, UK
Andy Bulgin FIRM, AB Risk Consulting, UK
Philip Coley, IRM student, Zurich Risk Engineering, UK
Colette Dark, FIRM, Gallagher Bassett, UK
Christos Ellinas, Systemic Consult, UK
Depeche Eliot SIRM, Maclear SA
Dean Fathers, Cass Business School & Nottinghamshire Healthcare, UK
Steve Fowler FIRM, IRM, UK
Roger Garrini, IRM Affiliate, Selex ES, UK
Louise Gravina, IRM Afflilate, Sainsbury’s, UK
Jeremy Harrison FIRM, IRM, UK
Richard Hibbert, Surecloud, UK
Alex Hindson FIRM, Amlin AG, Switzerland
John Joyce SIRM, Allianz Insurance, UK
Patrick Kiryowa, IRM Student, Eskom Uganda
Mike Morley Fletcher, IRM Affiliate, ARC & Associates, UK
Peter Neville-Lewis MIRM, Principled Consulting, UK
Jeremy Philpott MIRM, Lloyd’s Banking Group, UK
Dan Roberts SIRM, First Central Insurance Management, UK
Dr Keith Smith MIRM, Riskcovered, UK
ManMohan Sodhi, Cass Business School, UK
Jake Storey, IRM Affiliate, Gearbulk, UK
Amelia Stubbs, IRM Director, Korn Ferry Whitehead Mann, UK
Colin Tester SIRM, AXA, UK
Steve Treece FIRM, HM Treasury, UK
Elliot Varnell, IRM Affiliate, Milliman, UK
David Welbourn, Cass Business School, UK
Nick Wildgoose, Zurich, UK
Carolyn Williams MIRM, IRM, UK