Extended enterprise risk; managing complexity in 21st Century organisations

The recent European horsemeat scandal and the impact of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh are just two of the most recent illustrations of the increased complexity of modern supply chains. Risk professionals are being challenged as never before to establish effective oversight of these interconnected business processes.

Examining risk ‘beyond the walls’ of organisations, our latest thought leadership project has been looking at practical tools and techniques for understanding and managing risk in extended and complex enterprises.

Our full report offers practitioners a comprehensive resource that goes far beyond supply chain. With outsourcing, cloud computing, partnership working and client risks all challenging traditional management, approaches to managing extended network risk is changing. Our practitioner guide examines lessons from network and systems theory, analysis of relationships, power and trust, behavioural approaches and the role of formal processes and standards.

Led by IRM Chairman Richard Anderson, our project team of practicing risk managers, subject experts and academics have published practical guidance for risk professionals.