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Forum steering group and workstreams

The following workstreams have been established to examine the key areas of interest:




Consultancy support

A IMV cycle and on-going improvement process - complete Rob Merry  
(HSBC Insurance, Global Head of Independent Model Review)
(Barney Wanstall)
B IMV governance and IMV operating model - complete David Innes
(RSA, Head of Economic Capital)
(Neal Writer)
C Board understanding and challenge of IM and IMV process / Board IMV MI and reporting - complete Niraj Shah
(Ageas UK, Chief Actuary)
(Roger Jackson)
D IM flexibility and alternative uses of the IM - ongoing Raphael Borrel

E* Validation tools and Model Change policy - complete    
F IMV for operational risk - complete Michael Sicsic  
Oliver Wyman
G IMV for dependencies & diversification - complete Justin Skinner 
(Russell Ward)
H Role of the CRO - complete Martyn Rodden (Amlin) Baxter Bruce
(Justin Elks) 
J* Outstanding Internal Model Issues Justin Skinner     (QBE) EY 
(Neal Writer)
K Profit and Loss Distribution - complete  

(Barney Wanstall/David Skinner)

(Russell Ward)

L Catastrophe Risk Communication - ongoing Junaid Sena, SCOR

Matthew Pearlman, Lane Clark Peacock

M From validation to model risk management - ongoing Phil Whittingham, XLCatlin (Chair)

Marc Taymans, Risk Dynamics

N Lessons learned from internal model approval - ongoing Phil Whittingham, XLCatlin (Chair) Neal Writer, EY

* Workstreams E and J are no longer running as separate project and their scope has been picked up by the other workstreams.

If you are interested in participating in any of the ongoing work or have further ideas please contact the IMIF Chairman Phil Whittingham.

Steering group

Phil Whittingham, XLCatlin (Chair)
José Morago, Aviva
Mark Banks, AIR Worldwide
Kieran Barnes, Bank of England (PRA)
Raphael Borrel, Colombia Threadneedle
Stewart Gray, Standard Life
Sebastien Delfaud, Bank of England (PRA)
Vishal Desai, Bank of England (PRA)
Dave Finnis
Steven Graham, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
Paul Hopkin, Institute of Risk Management
Roger Jackson, KPMG
Eamon McGinnity, KPMG
Matthew Pearlman, Lane Clark Peacock
Junaid Seria, SCOR
David Skinner PwC
Grace Sweeney, Central Bank of Ireland
Marc Taymans, Risk Dynamics
Russell Ward, Milliman
Carolyn Williams, Institute of Risk Management
Neal Writer, EY