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Risk Leadership in Challenging Projects, Programmes and Organisations Group

Purpose of the group 

The purpose of the group is to drive improvement and consistency in how risk leaders behave, shape and inform senior stakeholders to enable proactive decision making. We believe there is a current gap both in the IRM's content, guidance and SIG's, that is not currently providing risk leaders with the support, case studies and training they need, both from a here and now perspective, but also in areas of development and training. This group will interface with a number of existing groups (energy, NEDs/CROs, infrastructure, complexity) however we firmly believe it should stand on its own to drive much-needed focus.

Risk for too long has let challenging projects, programmes and organisations down with basic risk/QRA approaches or sub-standard risk services, which have ultimately been linked to project/business failure. The IRM and risk industry should support and develop risk leaders, establish improved frameworks around them, provide best in class guidance and training on how risk leaders can guide organisations/projects/programmes and how they communicate, inform and influence SLT's and Govt bodies.

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Group Chair- Graham Nicol 

Deputy Chair- Ashley Milroy  

Committee Member- Mark Baybutt

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Future Event 

Risk Leadership challenges

The Risk Leadership in Complex Projects, Programmes and Organisations Group has been set up to help the Institute of Risk Management, its members and the wider risk industry further develop its content in relation to risk leadership. There is a growing industry wide feeling that there is a need to strengthen thinking and guidance around risk leadership for the current and future risk community.

This group intends to support this need and will challenge and investigate current and future needs around risk leadership, through constructive debate to enhance a common understanding across industry. We will do this through a series of interactive roundtable/debate style working sessions, where we will facilitate and harness thoughts and insights across industry to tackle the challenges around risk leadership and in turn provide improved and consistent understanding and guidance on the topic going forward.

Our launch event on the 14th of July will be an open forum looking to further discuss the topic: What are the challenges facing risk leaders today and in the future?

The session will involve focussed breakout sessions, constructive debates on the key topics and interactive polling to close out the event, hopefully arriving on some agreed takeaways and next steps for future events and thought leadership. If you feel strongly about the challenges of risk leadership, wish to find out more about the group or contribute your views, please register.

Date: Thursday 14th July 2022
Time: 13:00 - 16:00 BST
Registration: Click here to register