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Past Events

Risk and Complexity Group Webinar: Risk & Complexity and how it is changing the face of risk management.

Following a handover from former Chair Mike Bartlett CFIRM to the new Chair, Graeme Miller CFIRM, we will outline the refreshed aims, objectives and approach for the Risk & Complexity Group and offer them up for discussion.

With presentations from guest speakers Warren Black (Risk, Resilience & Complex Systems Consultant) and Anita Punwani CFIRM (Chair, ESG Group), we’ll be looking at complexity and risk from two distinct angles before discussing how they overlap and could benefit each other.

This event will allow you to:

Find out about and contribute to establishing the Risk and Complexity Group’s refreshed aims, objectives, and approach.
Hear about Warren Black’s insight gained through his PhD research into risk and complexity and his extensive experience in the field.
Gain an understanding as to how ESG principles and practices can be applied successfully in complex environments from Anita Punwani.

The speakers:

Anita Punwani, CFIRM, Chair, IRM Environmental & Social Governance Group. Click here to view Anita's presentation slides

Anita’s thirty-year career in engineering, economics, management and governance spans the public, not-for-profit and private sectors, including senior risk roles across UK government. An IRM-qualified risk professional, she has served on the IRM Board as well as numerous committees, including the IRM Audit & Risk and Interest Group committees.  Anita led IRM education modules in business continuity, crises, resilience, future risks and risk treatment before returning to study herself, earning an MSc in Global Governance & Ethics with a focus on the governance of not-for-profit and voluntary sector organisations. She represents the UK and IRM in the development of international governance standards and initiated the framework for a standard in Modern Slavery. As IRM Deputy Chair & NED, she was interviewed by the BBC & CNBC during the pandemic.  Anita is a member of Chatham House and UNA-UK.  Her artwork was selected by the World Bank’s ‘Art of Resilience’ competition. 

Warren Black, Risk, Resilience & Complex Systems Consultant. Click here to view Warren's presentation slides

Warren Black is a leading expert on risk and complexity in major projects. He has completed a PhD on the topic of ‘Investigating a Complex Systems Theory approach to controlling Risk within Complex Projects’. Coupled with a 20-year-long career in senior risk positions across the engineering industry, Warren is at the forefront of driving the discipline forward. He has offered new definitions and promotes the principle of ‘natural resilience’, drawing lessons from biological and ecological systems to create project structures capable of evolving and thriving through awareness, readiness, reactivity, and adaptation.

Date: Thursday 8th December 2022 
Time:  09:00 - 11:00 GMT

Risk complexity - PRAM guide chapter

Date: Friday 28th January 2022 
Time:  10:30 - 12:00 GMT


Risk and Complexity SIG webinar - APM PRAM guide

Date: Tuesday 27th April 2021 
Time:  14:00 - 16:00 BST



January 2019 Kick Off Meeting

A kick off workshop to explore the subject was held at IRM in January 2019 and the agenda and presentations from that meeting can be accessed below: 

Agenda: Exploring the link between complexity and risk

Exploring the link between complexity and risk – The energy view, by Dr Dimitris N Antoniadis

Complexity made simple, by Greg Lawton

Keeping the trains running: System complexity, by Helen Hunter-Jones

Exploring the link between complexity and risk, by Jay Armstrong

The Complexity Challenge, by Jonathan Crone

Understand your connected business exposure, by Mark Turner