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Legal Risk Special Interest Group

Group Aims and Objectives:

Currently all kinds of organisations are facing increasingly challenging legal risks, including that the regulatory and legislative requirements for organisations in many countries are becoming more stringent and commercial contracting is becoming more complex. The trend for economic globalisation results in a complex operating environment which exposes organizations to a wider variety of legal risks than those that would arise from the usual domestic daily operations and decision-making processes. When organizations manage their legal risks, they should want to be in a position more than just meeting their legal and contractual requirements, they should want to create value for their stakeholders.

 The aims of this group are to:

  • get a better understanding of what legal risk is about
  • guide organisations in the management of legal risk by developing and debating good practice
  • explore how organisations can manage legal risk to meet the legal and regulatory requirements, manage contractual risk, enhance the organization’s strategic decision-making and improve the organisation’s capability of handling complex legal environments
  • encourage and promote the management of legal risk becoming an integral part of the overall risk management, the culture of the organisation and everyday business practices

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Past events

Exploring the draft ISO Standard on the Management of Legal Risk (ISO 31022)

Date: Monday, 03 June 2019
Time: 15:30 for a 16:00 start, 18:00 finish
Location:  Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6AF
Book here:  Registration closed

This is a relaunch of the Legal Risk SiG. As part of this event we will have a presentation on the recently issued draft ISO standard (ISO 31022) - Management of Legal Risk. The speaker Dr. Sam De Silva (the chair of the Legal Risk SiG) is also the Co-Chair of the ISO Working Group developing ISO 31022 so is in an unique position to discuss this. We will also be asking for ideas and suggestions for future meetings and how members want to take the group forward.

The event is hosted by CMS.


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Group Chair: Sam De Silva

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