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Infrastructure Risk SIG team

Wes Cadby is a certified member of the IRM and has been a project management and risk professional for nearly 16 years. Wes has extensive experience in infrastructure delivery and Project and Enterprise Risk Management. Wes’s experience spans both client side and supply chain companies.

Jemma Boyce is a certified member of the IRM and a risk management professional with over 10 years’ experience. Jemma’s experience includes multi-disciplined infrastructure transport projects, at various stages of the programme and project lifecycle.

Faye Sellers is a Certificate Member of the IRM and risk management professional based in Manchester.  Faye has over 20 years' experience within the Rail Industry managing projects and programmes and is currently leading a regional risk function supporting major infrastructure projects.

Gareth Byatt is an independent Risk Consultant based in Sydney, Australia. Gareth has 20 years experience including heading up a risk function and managing projects in a variety of industries, including construction, IT and oil & gas.

Vinay Shrivastava is a Director at Turner & Townsend, Non-Executive Director of the Institute of Risk Management and a past Chair of the Infrastructure Risk SiG. He has provided risk leadership to major projects and programmes ranging across the aviation, defence, water, energy and commercial real estate sectors in the UK and internationally.

Darren Mullan is a certified fellow of the IRM and has been a risk professional for nearly two decades. Darren has worked for a breadth of commercial and government organisations across a number of sectors, including transport, utilities, defence, nuclear and aerospace.

Leigh Weston is a Certificate Member of the IRM and risk management professional. Leigh’s experience within risk management has predominately been within the transportation sector working on a number of high profile projects and programmes within the UK and Middle East.