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Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) Special Interest Group

Purpose and scope of the group

The importance of Environmental and Social Governance is now recognised by organisations operating in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors. The purpose of this SIG is to address ESG matters taking a risk sector-wide and global governance perspective. The proposed IRM ESG SIG is needed to:

1) Provide a forum for the international IRM risk community to share knowledge and experience on ESG matters.

2) Coordinate the ESG activities already being undertaken by IRM members on behalf of the institute, i.e. governance conference, articles, thought leadership, webinars, international standards making, academic and professional body liaisons.

3) Inform other IRM Interest Groups of current ESG matters.

4) Gain recognition of the pivotal role the risk professional has in the ESG space.

5) Support the IRM to stand out as a leader in the field of ESG.


Aims and strategic goals

The priority is to set up this IRM committee to lead the institute's activities in relation to ESG. Activities planned are to:

1) Formally establish the committee and schedule quarterly meetings.

2) Organise a series of events for the international risk community to share knowledge and best practice, in the first instance, drawing on committee members' expertise in aspects.

3) Promote the role of the risk professional in the ESG space.

4) Disseminate key findings on ESG to other IRM groups.

5) Establish links with academic and industry experts.

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Group Chair: 

Anita Punwani 

Committee members:

Alex Hindson

Dorothy Maseke 

Lloyd Lewis 

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