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Cyber Special Interest Group

Group aims and objectives

This group meets throughout the year to host special events for IRM members.

At the group’s initial meeting, discussions were had around:

  • Addressing cyber risks from the perspective of a wider organisational approach to all risks. 
  • Ensuring that cyber risk initiatives aren't in siloes or separated from other risk activities. 
  • Enhancing wider awareness among staff across organisations, from the Board to the most junior staff member. 
  • Exploring the concept of explaining cyber risk as 'opportunity'. 
  • Embedding cyber risk as part of existing risk frameworks being less mature and a gap that IRM could help address. 

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Future event

How to create a cyber-resilient organisation

Learn how to create a cyber-resilient organisation, including how preparation can effectively assist in cyber-attack prevention, detection, response and recovery. Roberto (Rob) Zegarra - Director of Product Development at DRl International (Disaster Recovery Institute International), will help us gain a broader insight into business resilience and how it can be exercised for the benefit of cyber risk management.

It is clear that risk management practitioners now have to play a far more active role in the current climate of increased external risks being faced by organisations, including escalating concerns on cyber risk. With the proliferation of so many cyber risk management tools and a seemingly endless list of products offering to protect organisations, Roberto takes us through what it
takes to build business resilience. He will offer his experience and advice as to how organisations can prepare to recover from inevitable cyber incidents and present DRl views and research on cyber resilience.

Roberto (Rob) Zegarra, MBCP, CCRP, CBCLA is the Director of Product Development at DRI International. An experienced business resiliency consultant and instructor, he began his career in the security, risk, and continuity profession in 1991. His experience includes physical and logical security assessments, incident response, business response, and recovery. His specialities include business impact analysis (BIA); business recovery plans (BCP and BRC); crisis management communications (CMS); cyber incident response tabletops and exercises; as well as risk cybersecurity, supply chain, and interdependency analysis. He has led and participated in numerous real and simulated disaster recovery, incident response, and cyber-attack events. He earned a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Texas-Austin. He has been a DRI instructor since 2000 and is a graduate professor for IT Governance at Mackenzie University in Brazil.


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Past events

How the insurance industry thinks about systemic cyber risk

Click here to view Rory Egan's slides 


Thursday 9th June 2022


14:00 - 14:30



The Cyber Risk guidance for practitioners

The group have worked on a piece that has been published by IRM. Find out more and download the executive summary.

Previous meetings

Visit MyIRM for more information and to download presentations from previous meetings.

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Group Chair: Alex Stezycki 

Committee member:

Zhanar Tukeyeva 

Carlos Santiago 

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