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United Arab Emirates

Group objectives and scope

To provide a platform to the Risk Managers to innovate Risk Management activities by providing them access to selected knowledge content of IRM and its members.

Promote Risk Management culture in the UAE through actively engaging with the risk management community and businesses.

Disseminate the best practices of Risk Management to the business community at large.

Assist the risk management professionals and aspirants to obtain the IRM certifications or diploma.


  • Integrity – We strive to the highest level of honesty for our planned interaction & best practice sharing through the UAE Regional Interest Group.
  • Collaboration – We commit to facilitate cooperation & support amongst practitioners through the UAE Regional Interest Group’s activities.
  • Forward-thinking – We encourage the promotion of new and innovative risk management practices that can add further value to the IRM community.
  • Sharing knowledge and education - We support each other in knowledge sharing and continued personal growth.


Establish a network of risk practitioners in the UAE who have an appetite and desire to share & promote best practices, knowledge, innovative ideas and practical solutions across multiple industries.

Establish a sustainable & resilient community of risk practitioners to push new boundaries, pursue new skills and collaborate with other Interest Groups to become the leading think tank (or thought leadership provider) promoting ERM learning & research across MENA. 

Mission statement

To provide an open, inclusive, supportive & dynamic community where UAE risk practitioners can aid their personal development, learn new and innovative ideas/topics and help ensure that as a profession we continue to provide tangible, value-adding benefits to our key stakeholders, ultimately increasing the reputation that ERM has in helping deliver company success.

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Group contact details

Group Chair:
Saurabh Dubey

Committee members:

Sanya Paul 

Tamer Amr 

Alex O’Brien 

Elsa Goutvenigeer 

Omar Ibrahim

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