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Iraq - Middle East

Purpose and Scope of the Group

The purpose and scope of the group is:

- Supporting the spread of the concept and culture of risk management of all kinds and in all related sectors that require modern and informed risk management

- Continuous awareness of the risk management community in the region and benefit from the international experiences supported by the institute

- Continuous communication in an internationally accredited professional community such as the Institute of Risk Management to increase experience

- Take advantage of the workshops that the institute holds directly and the seminars


- Obtaining the professional certificates issued by the institute for the risk management specialists in Iraq

- Obtaining professional support in setting up workshops and training courses

The importance of establishing the group

- The existence of an institute of this international professional reputation helps in raising awareness and increasing culture, managing risks, and internationally supported references and resources

- Expanding and unifying the local risk management community through the institute's membership system

- The presence of more than 70 banks, more than 150 non-banking financial institutions and more than 5,000 governmental or local establishments that need an effective risk management process (need internal support such as the establishment of a subsidiary of the Institute)

- There are many local training institutions that need international support in the field of risk management to support the training and development process in this field

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Group contact details

Group Chair: Husham Khalid Abbas Al-Dulaimi

Secretary: Ahmed Mahdi Al-Juboori

Committee members:

Ahmed Naeem Mohan 

Ali Salim 

Ali Anwer Issa 

Marwan Zakarei  

Yasameen Altaee

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