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The IRM is the leading global professional body for Risk Management. The IRM drives excellence in managing risk to ensure organisations are ready for the opportunities and threats of the future. 

The IRM Germany Regional Group (IRMGRG) promotes the development of the discipline of risk management and provides support to practitioners in one of the world’s leading economies and hub of financial services. At present a specific focus lies on the management of Non-Financial Risks (NFR). The Regional Group also seeks to open a dialogue with regulators and other relevant associations in order to further promote awareness and recognition of the risk management discipline.   

Our Non-Financial Risk Degree Programme

In cooperation with the IOR (German Chapter), the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers a Degree Programme related to Non-Financial Risks. Please follow the link for further information: NFR Degree Programme.  

Our sound practice guides in German

The IRM, in conjunction with the Institute of Operational Risk (IOR), has created a series of guidance documents that explain how risks may be identified, assessed, and controlled to help reduce the frequency and severity of operational risk events. It must be emphasized that there is no one optimal risk culture, nor are the universal characteristics of a ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ risk culture.

click here to view the Guides in German.

Our Best Practices in Reputational Risk Management

Here is a best practice paper on Reputational Risk Management which has been written (in German) by a workgroup from participants of the IOR RepRisk Forum. The work is not formal Sound Practice Guidance and does not claim to be a definitive paper, but it does cover governance, strategy, tasks, definitions and the whole reputational risk steering process, including reporting.  

Our Events

On a regular basis we are organizing risk management fora, workshops and webinars, for our risk community with participants from banks, insurance companies, consultancy firms, software vendors and regulatory bodies from Germany and the D-A-CH region. Please contact us if you want to present risk management topics or if you are interested in a sponsorship. 

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