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Belgium and Luxembourg

This regional group will focus on connecting risk management professionals in the area - raising the profile on important subjects and evolutions within each relevant and represented industry. 

Ultimately providing a forum for members from a diverse range of organisations, risk disciplines and sectors to network, exchange views and share best practice with peers locally. Specifically the scope will host events and enable cross-industry pollination. 

The group is run by senior risk professionals coming from various industries like life sciences, financial services, risk advisory and construction. 


Past events


Please click here for the presentation by Kaevin Rombaut on the topic of 'Risk Management in an Agile environment – Insights from the Banking


What are the criminal risks generated by the COVID-19 crisis?

Unfortunately this event is now cancelled. 


Thursday 3rd December 2020

Time: 09.00 - 11.00 GMT (11.00 - 13.00 CEST)


Organisational resilience: lessons learned and best practices

Organisational resilience is “the ability of an organisation to anticipate, prepare for, and respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper”. These can range from natural disasters like flooding or heavy snow, to deliberate acts like terror attacks.

This second event will be the opportunity to get insights from our guest speakers on (1) the “normal chaos” paradigm, with critical factors that will help you to prevent or mitigate your next crisis situation successfully, (2) lessons learned from how organisational resilience has been tested following Brussels terror attacks on March 22nd 2016, and (3) on how organisations can enhance their resilience by instilling a growth mindset. 


Thursday 21 November 2019

Time: 18.00 - 21.00
Location:  Solvay Brussels School, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 42
1050 Brussels, Belgium

Click here to view the full agenda and speakers profiles   

Risk Management in Complex Environments

Over the last 10 years, from banking to construction sectors, companies have significantly changed the way they deal with complex projects and subsequent risks. This first event will be the opportunity to get some insights from our guest speakers on how risk management is actually deployed in complex yet different environments, and what are the challenges ahead.

Since it is our first event in the BeLux region, it will also be the opportunity to introduce you to the Institute of Risk Management and to the mission of our regional group. 


Tuesday 25 June 

Time: 18.00 - 20.00
Location:  BDO Brussels Airport - The Corporate Village, Da Vincilaan 9 - Box E.6, 1930 Zaventem

Price: free

Click here for full agenda and speaker profiles  


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Group Chair:
David Lannoy, SIRM

Pierre Poncelet

Vice-Chair and Secretary:
Kenneth Willems 

Community Manager Belgium:
Nicolas Renard

Community Manager Luxembourg:
Simon Muir

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