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Australia Regional Group

Welcome to the IRM Australia Regional Group! Our mission is to extend the IRM's knowledge, reach, and education to supplement existing regional risk management practices while promoting awareness and understanding of risk and its effective management for organisations and projects.

With the current landscape in Australia focusing on high-value and once-in-a-lifetime projects, our group has a unique opportunity to establish IRM best practices and cultivate the next generation of risk professionals with the institute's guidance. We believe in the power of collaboration and aim to create a regional forum where risk professionals and those interested in risk management can connect, share experiences, and further the principles of risk management across the Australian region.

Our group is dedicated to expanding the formal knowledge and teachings of the IRM by promoting the institute's training and development programs to support and enhance risk maturity across the region, providing a consistent approach to risk management.

Aims and Objectives

The group’s key priorities, aims, and objectives include the following:

• Providing current regional IRM members with a dedicated forum to network, share ideas, elicit advice, and enhance their knowledge through keynote speakers and presentations at monthly members’ meetings and via a minimum of 3 networking events per year.

• To promote the IRM to regional unaffiliated risk professionals and those new to the profession to further the Institute’s reach.

• To encourage new entrants to risk management and provide support and development opportunities to both new and existing practitioners by promoting IRM courses and qualifications.

• Promote and support the development of specific industry sector groups to provide tailored guidance based on the institute’s principles.

• Mentor and develop the next generation of risk professionals throughout the region.

• Collaborate with other IRM Regional & Special Interest Groups.

We look forward to working together to achieve our goals and strengthen the field of risk management in the Australia Region. Come and join us!

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Chair: Colin McCrorey

Committee Members: 
Anh Dinh 
Nathan Blair.

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