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Upgrading your membership

Time to raise your professional status

If you are currently an IRM Affiliate, Graduate (GradIRM) or fully Certified Member (CMIRM), you should consider upgrading your membership to show the level of professional experience you have attained.

Becoming a Certified Member (CMIRM)

As a GradIRM, you can apply to become a Certified Member (CMIRM) once you have acquired 3 years’ professional experience (including any time you may have spent working while studying).

Download the CMIRM application form

Becoming a Certified Fellow (CFIRM)

Once you have held the CMIRM or MIRM designation for at least 2 years, and have a minimum of 8 years’ practical risk management experience, you may apply to become a Certified Fellow (CFIRM).

Download the CFIRM application form

Becoming a Technical Specialist (SIRM)

If you have completed any of our specialist Diploma modules or work in a specialist area of risk management (e.g. security, health & safety, business continuity, crisis management, project risk management, etc.), you can apply to become a Technical Specialist member. This will allow you to use the designation SIRM to demonstrate both your risk management and specialist knowledge. 

Download the SIRM application form for members

For all of the above, please ensure that your current subscription has been paid in full before submitting your application. You will not have to pay any additional subscription, but you will have to pay the new membership subscription from the following July.

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