Your username is the email address which you registered with. If you have forgotten it, you can use the ‘forgotten your username’ link at the login page.

Clear your browsing data, refresh the page, and try again.

The password reset email can be blocked by firewalls and mail screens, but it is often released within 24 hours. If you cannot wait this long, please contact to have your password reset.

After you have edited your details and clicked ‘save changes’ the page takes a few moments to make those changes. Please wait for 10-20 seconds and the page will refresh, and your changes will be saved.

If your original address is a business address you may have restrictions on the changes you can make. Contact detailing your original address and the changes you require.

All members are asked to renew by the 1st July annually no matter what time of the year you joined. From May you will receive invitations to renew, and the online payment portal will open.

The online Affiliate member process is only for card payments. If you require an invoice, you can instead request an application form by contacting who can then issue you an invoice.

You need to log in to pay online. After you have logged in you will see a pink banner at the top of the page which takes you to an online payment.

Members located overseas may encounter difficulties in renewing their membership online due to incongruences in address details or restrictions embedded in using international cards. For assistance, email or call +44 (0)20 7709 9808 for card payment over the phone. 

Yes, you can! If you are a member of either the IRM or the IOR you have the benefits of both organisations. Contact for details on how to access these benefits.

Affiliate membership is open to all and has no prerequisites. Free Student membership is available for those undertaking a risk qualification. A full breakdown of the requirements for each professional grade is available here. If you are re-joining the IRM you will re-join as the same grade you left at, but you can then choose to upgrade your membership.

All professional members are expected to obtain 30 hours’ CPD each membership year (July to June) to maintain their professional designation and the IRM carries out random spot checks each year. You do not need to submit your annual CPD report if you are not directly asked to. This CPD must be risk specific and full details are available on the CPD page. When you apply for Certified Membership or Certified Fellowship you will need to produce a CPD log showing that you have obtained 30 hours’ CPD over the 12 months prior to applying.

If you have any other queries or concerns, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.